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Decomposed Granite & Oyster in Seashell Bocce Court Surface Blends
The installation of an Italian Bocce Ball Court provides an excellent way to spend afternoons and evenings having back yard fun with family and friends.
Traditionally Bocce Ball courts are covered with a 2 to 3 inch layer of crushed oyster seashell spread that has been blended with decomposed granite or crushed stone fines. After that has been done a layer of finely crushed oyster seashell flour is often applied. We supply all of these materials for court installations and for seasonal maintenance.
We offer two different types of Decomposed Granite and Oyster Seashell Bocce Ball Court Blends;
Dry Climate Blend (DC) and a
Wet Climate or Rain Country Blend (WC).
Wet Climate Blend
The Wet Climate (Rain Country ) Decomposed Granite & Oyster Seashell Bocce Ball Court Blend is ideal for regular rainfall climates such most northern most portions of California and Pacific Northwest and the rest of the heavy rain regions of the USA and Canada. Due too heavy rainfall these courts requires a blend that will not become hard and compacted. The Wet Climate blend is has additional oyster seashell and washed concrete sand for faster drainage. The higher percentage of crushed oyster shells to lesson compaction that would otherwise result from regular or heavy periods of rainfall.
Dry Climate Blend
The Dry Climate Bocce Ball Court Oyster Seashell Blend is ideal for most of California, the Western and Southwest States. The Dry Climate blend is less expensive since a lower amount of crushed oyster seashell is required to maintain desirable court conditions.
Bocce court materials are shipped bulk or 2,000 and 3,000 pound SuperEarth-sacks and can be shipped or in some regions made available for will-call.
Bulk orders are shipped in amounts of 5 to 25 tons through California and into Reno, Las Vegas Nevada and Phoenix and Tucson Arizona.
Bocce Court Oyster Seashell Blend Spread