What We Do?

Bocce Court Pro is an extension of the business, California Building Material Supply. We are the suppliers of all kinds of bocce surface blends and various bocce game accessories. Along with the material we provide our customers with tools needed for bocce court construction.

How to Build a Bocce Court
Here is a step by step guide on how to build your very own Bocce Court.

Oyster Surface Material
Oyster shell flour and crushed oyster shells provide the ideal playing surface for a game of bocce.

Bocce Accessories
Bringing you a variety of Bocce accessories to make your game an enjoyable experience.

Special Offer

Table Messa Brown Rock

Barkwood Gravel is crushed hard rock gravel that is a bold brown in color but highlighted with splashes of deep red and green tones. This is one of the most unique landscape materials in the USA.

Three River Flagstones

Three River Flagstone is often called the Lavender Zebra, this is a remarkable one of kind stone with many color patterns, most often with lavender and cream most being the dominate.

Rain Country Gold Decomposed Granite & Oyster Shell Blend Rain Country Golden Pearl Bocce Blend Supersack Per Ton
Price Per 2000 Pounds $610.00
Sale Price: $445.00
Oyster Shell 50 Lbs Bocce Court Pro Oyster Shell 50 Lbs
Price Per 50 Pound Bag $66.99
Sale Price: $36.99
Bocce Court Silver Surface Dry Mix Grey Pearl Bocce Blend Supersack Per Ton
Price Per 2000 Pounds $610.00
Sale Price: $445.00
Gold Decomposed Granite Bocce Ball Court Materials Golden Bocce Ball Court Base Material D. G. Bulk
Price Per 2,000 Pounds $69.99
Home & Business Improvement Sale $59.99